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Kian Bennani


Depending on the form of English you’ve been most exposed to, you might think of “estate agents” or “realtors”. Kian Bennani of Hi Homes prefers the term “property hero”. Let's find out why.

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But first a little colourful backstory. Kian’s father Rashid first came to Spain in the 1980s from Tangiers, the Moroccan “city of spies”, with the equivalent of €100 in his pocket. Rashid was the son of a Muslim father and a Catholic ex-nun who had fled Franco’s Spain after the death of her father.  His mother, a Yorkshire lass, comes from a family with a no less eventful history. Her Great Aunt Pat Paterson was a Hollywood actress who married famed actor Charles Boyer. Their courtship had lasted two weeks – the capacity to fall in love at first sight is a bit of a family trait, as we’ll see. It was when the UK side of the family were informed that they were the heirs to the Boyer fortune that they decided to leave little old Yorkshire and head for what was then the glamorous South of Spain, way back in the 70s. A few years later, Kian’s Mum Kandy met Rashid at the furniture shop where he was working, and the rest is history.

One of four boys, Kian was born in 1993. He attended both EIC School and a Spanish state school (which accounts for his flawless bilingualism, with smatterings of Moroccan Arabic and French thrown in) and then TLC School in Calahonda, where he consistently got straight “A”s in his exams. But life was not all schoolwork and study – he met his neighbour Lara Kazan when he was just 12. The pair immediately became boyfriend and girlfriend and have now been together 18 years and are proud parents of Kayan (6) and Kosta (3) THat’s a love story for another day…

His plan was to go to the UK to study neurology in London, Manchester or Edinburgh, but an administrative bungle at the school meant that his applications were rejected, because he hadn’t sat one of the required exams. During the enforced gap year while he set about preparing to take that missing exam, Kian became increasingly aware of the economic strain that four years away would impose on his family. The lure of neurology faded and was replaced by a little back office where this born entrepreneur created his own publicity materials for properties he wanted to buy and sell.

His natural flair led to inevitable success, and resulted in the oh-so glamorous office that is now Hi Homes, near Mercadona – the airy interior design is all his own work. With a thriving YouTube channel, dozens of high-end properties on the books, and a partnership with Kuwait’s successful al Nouri Group, the agency, which he and Lara run together, looks set to last for years, and indeed to be passed on to the couple’s sons in the decades to come.

Given the deregulated world of property the term “estate agent” is often uttered with a degree of scorn – it's almost a dirty word. Nevertheless, property heroes Kian and Lara are on a mission to restore professionalism, high standards, a culture that’s both serious and light-hearted, and perhaps just a dash of glitz on top…


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