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Javier Merlo


Life rarely follows a straight path. It twists and turns, leading us on unexpected detours before bringing us back to our intended destination. Personal trainer Javier Merlo Castellanos embodies this sentiment, as his own journey is a testament to resilience and self-discovery.

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Born in Madrid 34 years ago, Javier's passion for sports blossomed during his school years. From five-a-side football to water polo and running, he excelled in various disciplines. Supported by his family, he pursued his love for exercise by studying physical science and sport at university. This course delved not only into the mechanics and limitations of the human body but also the art of educating others. Outside his regular studies, Javier immersed himself in athletic literature, constantly monitored his own performance, and explored topics beyond the curriculum, deepening his understanding of musculature and related subjects.


Upon completing his studies, Javier's thirst for knowledge led him to Vancouver, where he embarked on a six-month adventure to master the English language. Living with a local family, he immersed himself in the authentic experience and distanced himself from the familiar Spanish student crowds. Eager to put his language skills to use, he secured an interview for a job in Eastbourne, England, at a school housed in a historic country estate. His fluency in English impressed the interviewers, and he was immediately offered the position, extending his planned three-month stay to a transformative six years.


During his time in Eastbourne, Javier's responsibilities extended beyond language instruction. He facilitated a diverse range of sports activities alongside the regular curriculum, interacting with students from China, Russia, Spain, and other nations. This exposure broadened his horizons and deepened his understanding of different cultures. Simultaneously, he honed his skills as a personal trainer, both for himself and others, maintaining a regular gym routine and conducting fitness classes.


However, after years of living without meaningful connections, Javier began to yearn for change. In 2017, he returned to Spain, but uncertainty clouded his future. For two years, he prepared for civil service exams, a conventional path to secure employment and stability in Spain. Though not fully convinced of this choice, he pursued it. The exam results only confirmed his misgivings, amplifying his doubts. Seeking clarity, he ventured south to Spain's sun-splashed coast, hoping for a fresh start despite knowing no one there.


Starting from scratch, Javier took a job at Mercadona, performing tasks like shelf-stacking, and cashier duties. However, despite his diligence, the strict protocols, stopwatch-driven work, and night shifts failed to fulfill his aspirations as a university graduate. Within a month, he knew he had to seek a different path.


Throughout this period, Javier found solace at Max Fitness in Riviera. His helpfulness and unwavering dedication caught the attention of the manager, leading to a job offer. For three happy years, he thrived in this environment. However, the rigid shift system and the ability to offer personal training only outside "office hours" pushed him to the brink of burnout. This year, he made a life-altering decision and embarked on a journey as a freelance personal trainer. And he’s never looked back.


His decision to strike out on his own quickly bore fruit. Joining Oxygen in Calahonda, Javier's client portfolio began to grow, granting him autonomy and the freedom to work on his terms. Though he pays a monthly fee to the gym, he now holds the reins of his destiny and has a crystal-clear vision of his worth.


Beyond sculpting physiques, Javier offers his clients a gateway to true well-being. Fitness becomes a means to an end, empowering individuals to embrace vitality, proactivity, and a lighter existence. For him, it's not just about physical strength; it encompasses the emotional and mental aspects of life, transcending age boundaries. As a wise 75-year-old client put it, "the heavier you lift, the lighter life feels."


Javier's impact extends beyond his training expertise. With his exceptional interpersonal skills and motivational prowess, he ignites a fire within his clients, propelling them towards their goals. A meticulous approach, utilising spreadsheets, allows each individual to measure and monitor their progress accurately. From their starting points to their daily and weekly achievements, no detail escapes Javier's attention.


Armed with an unrivalled understanding of his field and an empathetic, holistic approach, Javier's client portfolio is poised to thrive in the years ahead. As he continues to transform bodies and lives, he is clearly is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of personal training.


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