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Meet the writer

Andrew Morris has lived in Calahonda since 2021, after a career spent in 13 countries, starting out in South Wales but moving on for years at a time to places as varied as China, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Turkey, Slovakia and France. Having studied Modern Languages at Oxford, his first career was in education, spending 20 years as a teacher, trainer, and ultimately a consultant in the Ministry of Education in Dhaka, He also wrote a regular weekly column in the country's biggest weekend supplement. But since 2009 he’s been a translator and writer, and from October 2022, coordinator of an international nonprofit providing pro bono translations to other charities.

“Humano” is his attempt to capture and celebrate the international flavour of the people of Calahonda, irrespective of background or social status. He is endlessly curious about why people came here from all four corners of the globe, what they ended up doing, and how they feel about their new life here.


And the photographer

Inbal Dahan is a traveller and photographer in her soul who bought her first professional camera when she was just 18. Her style is documentary, and her big passion is street photography, authentically capturing the moments around her.

She is also passionate about self-development & leadership and being trained and coached by the best in the world. Not to mention an author:  first book ¨15 stories one bob¨ which turned her into an international best seller.

She is originally from Israel but has been living in Costa Del sol since 2010, when she left her country with her family. Travelling on an open ticket, she never returned.


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